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The Blender LTS program is aimed at ensuring that long-lasting projects can be executed using a stable Blender version, which will provide critical fixes throughout a 2-year time span. The LTS version will not have any new features, API changes or improvements. Any critical fix that is applied to the 2.9 series will be regularly ported over to Blender 2.83 LTS. Learn more.

The LTS program is currently being tested. More information is available on code.blender.org.

Blender 2.83 LTS

The following stores provide automatic updates, scroll down for regular links and changelog.

Windows · macOS · Linux




Notes for Steam: You can find Blender 2.83 LTS under?2.83lts?branch. Switch by right-clicking on the Blender entry in your library, select?Properties..., open the?Betas?tab and select the?2.83lts?program.

LTS Release 2.83.6

  • Crash when switching to Edit Mode [T80530]
  • VR: SteamVR is now a supported OpenXR runtime! (Windows & Linux only) [8cc52ef6e208]
  • Cycles crash rendering with volume object and motion blur [T78038]
  • VR: Properly support outputting sRGB swapchain buffers [70637b303d9e]
  • Fix/workaround graphics issues breaking SteamVR use with Blender [fe492d922d6d]
  • Fix constant lighting change in VR view when rotating head [3a5ef928961b]
  • Fix warning when compiling on Linux with WITH_XR_OPENXR enabled [38ae24102003]
  • GPUTexture: Extend CUBE_MAP_ARRAY_ARB proxy workaround to all Apple gpus [7369a24f61cd]
  • MEM_guardedalloc: allow freeing const arrays with MEM_SAFE_FREE [0fb7d5381ef2]
  • Inonsistent simplify behavior when linking collection with objects… [T79935]
  • Fix critical bug in foreach ID looper of Scene data-block. [a994e7a4b9c3]
  • Dyntopo panel error with tools that dont have a brush [T78186]
  • Cycles: Image Sequence not rendering [T79111]
  • Crash adding UV’s in edit-mode with linked duplicates [T77359]
  • Bevel Shader node Samples value has too low hardcoded limit [T80012]
  • Crash when changing to white noise texture [T79915]
  • BLI_math_matrix: add invert_m4_m4_safe_ortho (m3 version too) [19fe5529d737]
  • Objects disappear when joining with a zero scaled axis [T80077]
  • Do not subdivide with Multires is mesh has no faces [T80039]
  • BLI: fix memory leak in delaunay 2d [42434d120ba4]
  • Cycles baking crash with motion blur enabled and no camera [T77683]
  • OSL shader compilation fails on macOS [T78065]
  • Duplicate doesn’t preserve active spline [T80135]
  • Add undo step to Alembic and Collada importers… [T77754]
  • Overrides: Crash with animated IK control on linked armature. [T80078]
  • Crash on making material local. [T80104]
  • Fix Outliner allowing to enter Pose Mode on linked armature [521ae3d458ad]
  • File Browser in macOS fullscreen crashes [T77900]
  • Fix crash accessing image space properties without an active window [006ff6453886]
  • Custom Normals Averaging crash after clearing [T80159]

LTS Release 2.83.5

  • FCurve editor crash when zooming out to limit [T79254]
  • Crash displaying the same mesh in two windows [T79260]
  • Fix interface artifacts on Intel GPUs [388639243053]
  • Outliner “Make Single User” crash [T79187]
  • Eevee cubemaps shows black [T79158]
  • Smooth brushes crasing in dyntopo [T79007]
  • Too much memory usage rendering animation with persistent images [T78537]
  • CLOG writes/reads outside allocated memory. [T78730]
  • Crash converting curve to mesh [T79207]
  • Fix usercount not decrementing in `gpencil_stroke_separate_exec` [4251a87bf60e]
  • UV select-linked failure to de-select [T46568]
  • GPencil weight paint crash when painting over modifier generated [T78884]
  • Workbench: Fix broken id pass [38e9a349defc]
  • Workbench: Object color mode broken if more than 4096 objects [T79509]
  • GPUShader: compile error on AWS Elastic Graphics [T79246]
  • Blend file corrupted during save caused by high Cubemap Size [T78529]
  • EEVEE: LightCache: Add warning if the cache cannot be saved [fce71a255cb9]
  • Crash loading nested set-scenes [T79575]
  • Fix crash switching render slots when there is only one slot [a9e0aeaf653d]
  • Triangulate quads with ‘Beauty’ can make zero area faces [T79482]
  • “Add plane > align” causes crash when certain rigs are in the scene [T77847]
  • Crash when changing View Layer while VR session runs [T79324]
  • Video Sequencer image sequence strip source path breaks [T79676]
  • Crash rendering grease pencil from compositor with multiple scenes [T77885]
  • EEVEE: Crash on Macos due to lightcache baking [T79703]

LTS Release 2.83.4

  • Crash when adjusting sequencer property [T78999]
  • GPencil: Fix unreported missing strokes in interpolation [dcf7a0507755]
  • Crash related to viewing video files [T78867]
  • Mantaflow Field weights cannot be animated [T79264]
  • Batch Generate-Previews doesn’t work anymore [T79031]
  • Dimensions fail on negative scaled axis [T79272]
  • Scale to Fit Text Box fails when text is too narrow [T77609]
  • Copy-pasting strip twice crashes Blender [T77669]
  • Prefetching can corrupt .blend files [T78837]
  • Random crash editing shader nodes with textures [T78358]
  • Missing depsgraph relation when using sound strips in VSE [T78920]
  • Fix View3D “Mirror” menu, both “Global” and “Local” items are GLOBAL [4a9d903e2bfd]
  • Crash displaying many aligned buttons [T78636]
  • Follow Active Quads, divide by zero error [T68845]
  • Crash when removing strips with prefetching [T78573]
  • Fresh install of blender 2.83.0 not able to save user startup file [T78037]
  • Weight Transfer Operator target mesh doesn’t update [T78306]
  • Weight Transfer Operator “Deform Pose Bones” destination setting [T78308]
  • Object disappears when scaled, set origin etc after applying smooth [T79180]

LTS Release 2.83.3

  • Fix alignment/size issue on ARM/RPi architecture [9c41744ef4]
  • EEVEE: Cubemaps shows black [T75943]
  • Blender Freezes when using the 3d Scale Gizmo [T77455]
  • GPU: Apple/Nvidia Proxy check [T78175]
  • Fix missing GPU image free in background mode [9949b5098a]
  • Overlay: Weight colors are not in render in the right colorspace [T77780]
  • Cycles OpenCL error rendering empty scene [T77984]
  • Overlay: Edit mode + wire drawtype + infront not transparent [T77655]
  • Overlay: Sulpt overlay not working if object use in-front option [T76229]
  • Sculpt mode performance regression in 2.83 [T77641]
  • Faces missing, weird faces added [T74024]
  • Fix error when filtering in Outliner “Blender File” mode with libraries [d0c986b748]
  • Fix crash when use GPencil merge without materials [T78337]
  • Fix undefined behavior when using BSDF nodes inside volume shaders[T76171]
  • GPencil interpolation crash [T78134]
  • GPencil: Strokes go missing after Interpolation from another layer [T78042]
  • Workbench: “Not enough texture slots!” Message being spammed and lags the entire computer [T77759]

LTS Release 2.83.2

  • Random crash when rendering animation [T77734]
  • Overlay: “Outline Selected” overlay doesnt affect armatures [T66934]
  • Crash when closing window while Outliner shows screens [ef0ded4df389]
  • Crash on undo Draw Face Sets stroke with dyntopo active [T77328]
  • Fix random crash in Cycles smoke volume loading [2d89951be54d]
  • UV Editor: Fix Vertex Overlay color not being color managed [000fbef35d24]
  • Crash after any alembic import undo in an empty scene [T77754]
  • Crash on proxied rig, custom bone shape, driver targeting rig [T77712]
  • Crash in VR session when opening material preview [T77830]
  • Fix memory leak calculating deform modifiers in edit-mode [91b455c00f28]
  • Incorrect handling of negative-scale bit in DRWResourceHandle [T77913]
  • VSE Sequencer/Preview crash after fullscreen [T78112]
  • Compositor Disabled Node Config -> SegFault [T67358]
  • Undo crash due to IDTemplate operations missing undo push [T78172]
  • Simple scene created in version 2.82 crashes Blender [T77460]

LTS Release 2.83.1

  • Fix T77774: New undo code broken by ‘make local’ behavior
  • Audio SDL: Video editor Sound muted without muting it
  • Fix T77803: IK Degrees of freedom drawing glitch
  • Fix (unreported) wrong size of UserPreferences’ `dupflag` parameter. Fix Applied rBdceaef92d7a4: Fix (unreported) wrong size of UserPreferences’ `dupflag` parameter
  • Fix T77915: Cycles OSL microfacet closure not working in custom shaders
  • GPencil: Fix unreported Vertex Opacity Overlay not working
  • Fix T75414: Incorrect masking in Color Balance modifier
  • Fix T76767: Cycles performance regression with CLI renders
  • Fix T77853: Error reloading linked library
  • Fix missing hinting information in monospace font, rB783d3c675ac2: Fix missing hinting information in default font
  • Fix T77657: NVIDIA Quadro FX4800 crash on startup
  • GPencil: Improve viewlayer masking check
  • Fix T77148: Crash changing multiple values for sequencer strips
  • Fix T77047: Dyntopo Sample detail size on hidden mesh causes crash
  • Fix T74101: File Browser in macOS fullscreen crashes or makes windows unusable
  • Fix T77504: Operator search gives wrong results
  • Fix T76894: Disable clipping region selection in material/rendered mode
  • Fix T72936: Incorrect gizmo orientation with inherit rotation disabled
  • Fix menu operator/search clipping the last character Fix Applied rBf649e5c418d9: Fix menu operator/search clipping the last character
  • Fix T77603: OSL parser fails when script ends with comment without newline
  • Fix crash running “Edit Voxel Size” operator outside of a main 3D View region Fix Applied rB5fc252feaeab: Fix crash running “Edit Voxel Size” operator outside of a main 3D View region
  • GPencil: Fix unreported error in Dots Strokes material initialization
  • GPencil: Fix unreported Shift+F OPacity key not working
  • Calculate epsilon values for interp_weights_poly to improve accuracy Fix Applied rB9d5e5e282cff: Calculate epsilon values for interp_weights_poly to improve accuracy
  • Fix T76273 Glitches caused by glCopyImageSubData on windows + intel gpu Fix Applied rB7b754c8c9952: Fix T76273 Glitches caused by glCopyImageSubData on windows + intel gpu
  • Fix T77358: Gpencil can’t select geometry within transparent layers
  • Fix T77520: GPencil viewlayer filter produce crash with masking layers
  • Fix T77367: Blender’s snap package ignores command line options
  • Fix for T77095: work around render artifacts with AMD Radeon RX 4xx and 5xx
  • Fix T77164: scaling/rotation fails for 3 selected NURB points
  • Fix T77156: GPencil view layer filter by layer not working
  • Fix T77456: Broken vertex paint undo on high-poly objects
  • Fix T77448: Camera Solver constraint can’t be converted to f-curve

LTS Release 2.83.0